Speed up your order by calling it in!  562-7945
Delicious and consistent espresso drinks, with the Qwik Cup signature taste!
We will cater to any of your coffee needs, so please feel free to be specific!
We LOVE to customize your drink so that it starts your morning off right; seven days a week!

Family owned and operated since 1997, Qwik Cup Espresso has grown with the midtown community over the past decade and proved it's more than just a "cookie-cutter" coffee stand.
Start your morning off with your customized coffee drink, and pair it with delicious baked goods from Illusions Bakery, or breakfast sandwiches/croissant sandwiches made fresh on site!

Not feeling breakfast foods?  Try one of our kosher, all-beef hot dogs and pair it with a side of your favorite chips and soda for only $4.50!
Or maybe you're craving something doughy and salty like our warm, slightly under-baked pretzels with jalapeno cheese?  Mmm... dee-lish!
We also have a huge variety of fresh, made-to-order burgers, sandwiches, side dishes, & salads to satisfy ANY appetite!

Thinking healthy? We have a ridiculously large variety of sugar-free menu choices:
(that could only be the result of a fit, female staff.  LOL!)

Sugar-free Davinci syrups, and sugar free Gosh That's Good' powders
Sugar-free mocha frappes, latte frappes, and smoothie mixes
Soy milk, low-carb soy milk, and almond Milk (both sweetened and unsweetened)
Sugar free David Rio Orca Chai, and 5 ingredient Zen Chai (low sodium)

We also carry Red Bull, Red bull smoothie/slushies, Low Carb Monster, Sugar-free Rockstar and Regular Rockstar, and the newest hot drink item:
Neuro Drinks!! (Sonic, Gasm, Bliss, Sleep, & Trim)

Just LOOK at these works of art, created daily by our awesome staff! 
Almost too pretty to drink!  Almost...
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